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PDF to iPad – A free and easy solution for everyone!

In today’s highly competitive and crowded marketplace, getting the right tool for the job is critical to success. For myself and my clients, that tool is Yumpu Publishing. Many of my clients need access to multiple platforms in order to reach a larger market than through traditional methods. Hence I require fast, quality solutions to various projects. Recently, I needed to generate a catalog for a client that could link to her online shop and could easily be viewed on social media.

PDF can be viewed on the iPad

As a sculptor, being able to visually reach her patrons and potential buyers is vital to her profitability and recognition. Therefore, the catalog had to be able to transfer from one format to another and keep the stunning detail of the images intact. She also required the catalog to be viewed on multiple devices, specifically the iPad. Along with these requirements, the cost was a primary consideration.

I spent a great deal of time researching various digital publishing sites to find one that would meet the client’s needs and my requirements. While there are many pdf to iPad solutions, I wanted one with prompt support and ease of use. I also wanted one that would utilize HTML5, Flash, and JavaScript in order to reach as many devices as possible. Other features I wanted were the ability to embed various objects like video and audio to illustrate my client’s studio. It would need to link to her shop and take advantage of social media. Of course, just uploading a pdf to an iPad is relatively easy but I wanted the catalog to maintain its detail. During my research, I came across the solution I had been looking for.

The PDF to iPad Solution

Yumpu Publishing is a fast and free pdf to iPad solution that has access to over 20 million readers across various countries. Naturally, I was somewhat leery of using a free service but since the cost was a major concern I decided to give a try. Usually, free services are limited in order to get an individual to upgrade to the paid service. While has a paid service, it is tiered to allow a person to tailor the features to the needs and requirements of a project.

A proper solution for pdf to iPad should be intuitive and is very easy to navigate. There is a video tutorial that prepares a person if needed, and the overall site is very responsive. It took very little effort to upload the catalog and I could access it immediately. I could customize different aspects such as the logo and colors as well as backgrounds, all of which are part of the free service. Previously, I mentioned I wanted to embed audio and video to the catalog and the free service allows for just that. A person can upload and use HTML5, Flash, and JavaScript. Meaning embedded video and audio will function across multiple platforms and devices. From Mac and PC to smartphones and tablets, this gave me and my client the flexibility to reach a wider readership. Coupled with seamless integration with social media, Yumpu Publishing is a great pdf to iPad solution. As mobile data is restricted very often, Yumpu even uses online PDF compression to keep the file sizes small.

Impressive features

The feature that impressed me and assisted me in determining that was my ideal pdf to iPad solution, was the quick and responsive support. Any issue I had was addressed by their prompt support staff. I received responses within 24 hours instead of days. This is essential for me as I have various projects running simultaneously. Effective support is essential to my success and that of my clients. is now my go-to pdf to iPad solution for digital publishing. The fast and superior support, in addition to the ease of use and intuitive nature of the process, makes my job easier. The fact that leading titles also use the site further solidifies my decision to use optimization means my clients can reach a wide readership and the customization options give myself and my clients the tools needed to keep our digital publishing fresh and current. Of course, it does not hurt that the service is free and that if I want expanded service it is available as a choice and not a necessity.

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