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Upload PDF to Facebook – It works so easy and fast!

So you want to upload a PDF to Facebook and other social media sites, but sharing a simple PDF file does not work. There are, however, sites out there that will allow you to convert your PDF files to a format that is acceptable on just about any social media platform. Sadly most of these services either charge too much or end uploading the document too slowly which frustrates readers to no end. Most of those services cannot even be displayed on mobile devices correctly. Most services don’t even allow you to embed video and audio either. Rest assured, however, that the solution to our problem has been found.

Here we go! Upload a PDF to Facebook!

After doing some research on this topic, I have discovered some sites that will help you solve your dilemma. Yumpu Publishing! The software is a free digital publishing site that simulates the experience of reading a print publication (magazines, catalogs brochures, flyers, etc.) online. I had a similar problem where I needed to be able to upload a PDF file to my Facebook, but no matter what I did, I simply could not figure out how to accomplish the task. I decided to search google for answers and that is how I discovered! Problem solved.

The software was so easy to use and the best part of all was that it was free! That was important because people cannot always afford to pay for such services and Yumpu relieved that stress right away. While I was skeptical at first, Yumpu quickly proved itself when in just two days I gained a huge amount of new readers. With Yumpu, readers can view your PDF file directly inside of Facebook (upload a PDF to Facebook has never been this easy!) the same as if you were reading a magazine or a catalog. All it takes is a few clicks you will not only reach family and friends but possible new clients as well.

What’s that Yumpu thing?

Yumpu Publishing is the largest ePaper solution in the world with more than twenty million publications since 2006, which is more than even the world’s largest library!! Yumpu is not alone in this business though as it has a number of competitors that you may have heard of such as Slideshare, Scribd, Joomag, Flexpaper, Yudu, Blurb, and many more, but only Yumpu has great features that allow you the simple conversion of your PDF files and upload PDF files to Facebook. It is the best Issuu alternative out there.

Features such as being able to embed your favorite platform or website, it supports all devices whether they be mobile or desktop, and has optimized search engines like Google. You can even customize the look and feel by adding your own personalized logo, change the background, colors, and much more. It is fully integrated with all of the major social networks and your publications will spread like wildfire after uploading a PDF to Facebook.

Embed Videos, Audio, and Links inside your PDF

You can also embed videos or audio tracks, post links to your online shop, and Yumpu has unmatched support should need help with any of the above-mentioned features. With all of these features, Yumpu is the only tool that you will ever need to be able to put your publications into the hands of millions of avid readers! I am now a huge fan of Yumpu and will be using it to upload a PDF to Facebook as it truly is the easiest and most efficient way to get the job done right.

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