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PDF to HTML5 flip book – read here how it`s done!


The advancement of technology has made the use of eBooks and Flip books increasingly common. Not only is an HTML5 Flip Book extremely convenient and accessible, but it is also highly functional and flexible in the different manners in which it can be read. Unfortunately, there has been one specific challenge associated with converting a PDF to html5 flip books, and that is the fact that it can be immensely challenging and time-consuming. The software has to be comprehensive and powerful enough to comprehend all of the programming languages and convert it to a functional HTML5 flip book. Fortunately, after a considerable amount of research, I was able to find a software program that is able to convert PDF to html5 flip books free. Yumpu Publishing is a site that allows individuals to sign up for free and upload their PDF files to be converted to highly functional flip books.

The Benefit of converting PDF to HTML5 flipbooks

There are multitudinous benefits of using this platform to convert PDF to html5 flipbook for free, and these benefits begin with the fact that the service is absolutely free of charge, but it does not stop there. The ease at which the conversion process takes place is also a powerful benefit. When you arrive on the site, the first step is to create a personal profile, which can be done in literally minutes. Once you have created a profile, you will be immediately prompted to upload any PDF that you wish to convert. You can either use the “drag and drop” feature, or you can use the browse feature to search your computer’s files for the PDF you wish to convert.

Once you upload the file you wish to convert, the system will automatically begin to convert the PDF to a html5 flip book, and the process only takes a matter of minutes. When compared to other online publishing platforms, such as Blurb, Booktango, or even Lulu, the process with Yumpu Publishing is considerably simpler and more efficient. Instead of broken code that causes malfunctions with the flip book, this platform provides a seamless conversion that produces a highly functional flip book that is a blast to read.

Adding multimedia to your HTML5 flip book

Free Cloud Hosting Services

Not only does this platform provide PDF to html5 flipbook conversions for free, but the company also provides hosting through Amazon Web Services, ensuring that your flip book is available online 99.996 percent of the time, regardless of how much traffic your book attracts.

This means that in approximately two minutes the flip book of your academic paper, magazine, eBook, etc. is up and hosted online. The system has the capacity to automatically read tags and titles; however, they can also be edited at a later time when necessary.

Automatic SEO for Your Magazine

The system on this platform has the capacity to extract all relevant textual information and refurbish it in order to make it readable for all of the relevant search engines. This means that the content in your flip book can be located in organic searches on the web, increasing the book’s exposure. The fact that this is a cost-free feature associated with the Yumpu Publishing service means that the ability to acquire an exponential quantity of interested new readers comes as a value-added service.

Online Embedding Capability

Another important benefit associated with using this service is the fact that the site produces an embed code that will allow you to embed your PDF to html5 flip book on your blog or website by simply copying and pasting a simple code onto your site. This way readers can easily access and read your flip book online without any type of special eReader or additional software.

For any person that is looking for a simple way to convert PDF to html5 flip book, this service is definitely worth trying. If I had to choose the top reason that I prefer to use this site over others, it would be the ease of use. You don’t have to have any type of coding or computing experience, just simply click the upload button and allow the system to do the rest.

Embed example:

Summary of all the advantages

  • 100% free
  • Supports PC, Mac, Smartphones, and Tablets
  • Search engine optimized
  • Use your own branding in the flip book player
  • Embed it everywhere you want with multiple embed types
  • Integrated with all major social networks
  • Embed Video and Audio into your flipbooks
  • Use links to websites, blogs
  • Fast and free support

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