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A PDF book creator fo everyone – no costs

If you’re like me, you have several great ideas for creating a magazine from scratch. But where do you begin? First, you need to create a PDF file with the photos and information you want to include in your magazine. But then (here comes the hard part), you need to convert the PDF into a readable flipbook, which means you need a PDF book creator. Good thing I found Yumpu Publishing.

There are lots of software solutions out there for this, but many are quite costly. Others just don’t achieve the professional look you need in order to put your magazine out on the market for your readers.

If you plan to put magazines and ebooks online, either now or in the future, you will need a PDF ebook creator software that can handle the professional jobs you want to do with publishing. You don’t want to trust your creative publication ideas to just any software.

What do you do? Where do you find the best PDF book creator?

I literally searched hundreds of times for a PDF book creator and a PDF book cover creator but just could not find what I needed. I tried to create a PDF book that was foldable with my standard PDF software but there was only one software that was able to deliver what I needed for my online magazine ventures: Yumpu Publishing.

I really like the easy-to-use format of Yumpu online software. It allows you to create your book or magazine cover, as well as a flip book style creation that will allow your users to flip through your magazine or ebook with ease right online. Their cutting edge software is all stored on a seamless online system so it takes the guesswork out of the process of having to understand a standalone offline software tool. That’s worth its weight in gold just by itself!

Here is a little introduction to the service:

Some of the best features I found with the Yumpu PDF ebook creator that I did not find with the other solutions were:

Features of this PDF book creator

  • Free (with paid options)
  • Supports mobile devices
  • Compatible across platforms
  • Search engine optimized (Google)
  • Use your own branding
  • Embed it on your favorite platform
  • Integrate with social networks
  • Multimedia integration (audio/video)

Yumpu is a free digital publishing site that allows creators to create an online magazine published in just a few minutes. They have over 20 million magazine readers and subscribers so not only do you get a practical platform to create your magazine publications with, but you get millions of readers who can easily find your titles.


The process is simple. Simply upload the PDF file that you’ve created offline with your magazine content and create a PDF cover file. Then upload them both to the website. The platform will take you through the process quickly and easily, help you tweak the process so that you can achieve the best result possible, and fine-tune the results right online.


They also have a variety of premium packages available if you want to expand the capabilities of the software. The initial version is free and already has no limits. You can publish as many PDF books as you want.

For just 8 € per month, you can have ad-free magazines published. This package is great for businesses who want to use their own branding in their magazines.

For full-time publishers or for businesses with many magazines, increase your free package to the 79 EUROS per month deal. With this plan, you get your own online kiosk in your corporate design with an easy-to-use Drag&Drop editor. You can actually serve as a full-time publisher for other magazine writers and editors and make a full-time living from the tools available on the site.


Whatever your purpose in magazine and ebook creation, Yumpu Publishing is a great online solution for publishing and creating attractive flip book type magazine files from your standard PDFs. With the ease of use and low cost available, this is the only solution you need for magazine publication.

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