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PDF to flipbook converter – The best on the market!

I have so many ideas, but without the tools to put it all together, what is it worth? I tried various types of software for publishing, and I was especially interested in creating a Flip Book from a PDF. That’s what you need if you are going to create the kind of publication that works like a magazine in the virtual world. People like familiarity. In this article, I’m going to present you the best solution: Yumpu Publishing

So I knew my readers wanted to feel like they are really reading a magazine by flipping the pages as they read. I needed a PDF to flipbook converter software so that I could create a professional magazine from my great ideas. I also had to keep my budget as low as possible for this and didn’t want to overextend as I was building my publishing and media business. Many offline software solutions were very expensive and they didn’t even really offer what I need either.

I had almost given up on finding the software I needed to do this until I found Yumpu. It solved my problem by offering to convert my PDF to a flipbook for free. It would convert my PDFs into a stunning flip book in just a few simple steps. Let’s face it. Time is valuable. I’m sure your time is too.

Yumpu Start Page

This is Yumpu!

But Yumpu did this so quickly that it seemed effortless. And of course, the price appealed to me too, because it is free! You can upgrade to a premium package if you need more from your subscription but I always start small and then expand as I can afford to. By having my magazine on Yumpu, with several million readers exposed to my work, I’m certain I’ll be able to soon!

It’s a great feeling to know that I can create a simple PDF then upload it and convert it to flipbook format in minimal time and effort.

One of the best things about Yumpu Publishing is that it will let you convert a PDF to flipbook free! You can always upgrade if you want to do more magazines on a monthly basis or increase the capabilities of the software. But the basic package is absolutely free!
You can’t beat that!

I was getting frustrated trying to find the right PDF to flipbook converter software then I started thinking differently and discovered that you don’t have to have a “standalone software” to do the job you need if you are wanting to publish professional-looking magazines for the world to see. Everyone can be a publisher with such an easy tool.

Example flipbook:

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