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PDF to HTML5 – Create flippable PDF files without prior knowledge


If you haven’t heard about Yumpu Publishing, then let me give you an update. Yumpu is the world’s Number 1 in digital publishing – and it’s free. If you are familiar with electronic publishing then you know that it includes the digital publication of electronic articles and eBooks as well as the extension of catalogues and digital libraries. Now you are probably wondering what digital publishing has do transferring a PDF to HTML5. But before I go into that let me tell you about my past experience with uploading a PDF file onto my iPad.

PDF to HTML5 problems – can anyone say problems?

If you are familiar with an iPad then you know that you need an app for just about everything. So to load a PDF to my iPad I needed an app. I used the recommended iBooks app but I was still having problems with the PDF file and could not view it. What I discovered was that iBooks 3.2 or later requires at least the iOS 7 version or later on my iPad. All I wanted was to upload a PDF file. I was starting to think that maybe I should transfer the PDF to HTML5 because I did not have iOS 7 installed.

Luckily I discovered that I needed to change the preferences in the main menu and make sure that Books was selected. So I didn’t need to upgrade to iOS 7 after all. But this was only after hours of researching online to find a solution. Although I finally resolved the issue I still needed to sync the devices. If you are not familiar with iPad, you have to sync all devices almost every time you download something. Unfortunately, I still needed the iPad PDF to HTML5. So my work was still not finished. However, I had already spent a lot of time just trying to view my PDF file.

The solution – PDF to HTML5, and so much more!

Now back to the subject of uploading files and digital publishing on Yumpu Publishing. After the needless hours of frustration trying to view a PDF file on my iPad, I decided that there had to be an easier way. So I did a little research and soon discovered Let me explain, Yumpu is not a service that just uploads a PDF to HTML5, they are so much more. They make it very easy to load a PDF. What is more, they are absolutely free.

Since my experience with uploading PDF files had not been the greatest I decided since they were free I would give Yumpu a try. So I put them to the test. I actually timed the whole transaction. This is the crazy part; it only took 2 minutes to load and view. I sure could have used their services a long time ago.

Example of how easy it is to convert a PDF to HTML5 with Yumpu:

Yumpu also makes it very easy to transfer a PDF to HTML5. In fact, you can actually publish your PDF in HTML5. All you have to do is upload a PDF (remember that only takes 2 minutes) then sign up for a free account. Then as simple as counting to 3, you can publish your documents to your website. Just grab the code and paste it.

Yumpu also allows you to embed any PDF document into your blog post or website easily. Plus there are no headaches with the settings. The shortcode provided by yumpu eliminates the need for complex codes; all you have to do is upload the file and then paste the code wherever you want it on your post. It really is that quick and easy.

After loading my PDF to HTML5 I decided to check what other services Yumpu had to offer. To my surprise, Yumpu actually simulates the essential features of reading an online print publication such as a magazine or catalog brochure. In truth, their newsstand publisher platform has more than 20 million magazines and millions of active readers. On Yumpu’s site, you can even view live statistics on magazines online, magazine pages, magazines read and pages read.

Now I do not know about you, but I find that pretty impressive. Yumpu also features leading and emerging titles in culture, fashion, art, and hyperlocal content. Moreover, your HTML5-ready PDF is immediately available on all devices such as your desktop, smartphone, or tablet. As well, the Yumpu software is also used by numerous online publications.

Everything is in the cloud

One of the greatest features of Yumpu is that when you upload a PDF file they will display the publication online in a striking digital reader. When it is uploaded, the magazines are then hosted in the cloud. In effect, your magazine is personalized to heighten the timeless graceful style of a high-quality publication. In actual fact, you can customize your publication to fit your own individual style such as change the background or colors, add a logo, and more.

SEO, Video, Audio, and much more

Other Yumpu Publishing features include optimization for search engines like Google, full integration for social networks such as Facebook, the ability to embed audio or video plus links to shop from your publication. Furthermore, Yumpu has unmatched customer support. You can upload PDF Facebook with no effort. Isn’t that great?

The Yumpu platform does so much more than upload a PDF to HTML5. Not only is it simple to use and efficient but your publications will reach millions. This feature alone has to ability to bring more traffic to your website. I highly recommended for both advanced and novice users.

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