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Convert PDF to HTML5 Flipbook – A free Converter


I know how difficult it is to find a quality program that will convert PDF to HTML5. The programs I have tried have either been too hard to understand, incompatible, or costs an arm and a leg. Until I tried it was a struggle to get any work done, whether it was a brochure, catalog, or HTML5 flipbook. I am pleased to say Yumpu saved not only my day, but my career as well.

Some of the conversion programs I have used in the past included Scrbd, Issuu, Magcloud, and Slideshare. Many could not be used on my mobile and offered minimal to no support. Yumpu helped me convert pdf to html5 quickly and easily, and is compatible with mobile or desktop. Top of the line support is available, and you can embed audio and video into your project.

Convert PDF to HTML5 with great features

It offers an optimization for search engines such as Google or Explorer, and integrates with the social networks; because of this feature, your publication will spread faster than you could possibly imagine. However, Yumpu does much more. You can customize, implement in colors and themes as well as adding your logo. It can also be embedded on your website or Facebook page, even your online shop, with the ability to add a link to shop! There is no other program that will convert pdf to html5 so smoothly with so many benefits and extras.

Yumpu is an amazing converter program that will take all of the frustration out of your job and meet your every need when you need to convert pdf to html5, as it did mine, and it is free to use!. Just to explain how easy it is, here are the simple steps you’ll follow to generate an ePaper using Yumpu.

You can also check out this tutorial:

To login, you will use the username or email address and the password you have chosen when you created your account. Next, select the PDF file you will be uploading. At the top of the Yumpu page you will find the bar in which you will enter the pdf file name. Click “browse” to locate it, the click “next”. Then you will enter the magazine title in the next bar that appears after the upload is complete.

On the next page go to “Magazines in Progress. There, you will see the magazine you have entered. Click on it. It will then render progress. The third item on the same page says “Recently Created Magazines”. When you see your magazine, click on it. The item will complete upload, and you will be given the option to read it; click to read. At the bottom of the page, click on the first link to the right. You can turn the pages by clicking on the desired page. It’s as simple as that. The ability to convert pdf to html5 has never been easier.

The fact is, Yumpu will allow you to convert pdf to html5 in approximately 2 minutes, with no trouble and absolutely no cost. With all of this in mind I recommend only Yumpu to convert PDF to HTML5. Putting your publication at the fingertips of millions of people is your goal, and Yumpu will do this at a level above and beyond satisfactorily.
Do your research, but definitely try Yumpu. I am confident that, like me, you will never need to search for another conversion program again. Go online today and check out the details regarding everything Yumpu has to offer you. Simply visit and start an account. You will be so glad you did.

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