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PDF to Flipbook Converter – Free and Easy Software!

The pace of life today means I have very little time to spend completing each and every task I have as a professional running my own business. Although I have the skills needed to complete most of my Online marketing strategies, my life has many avenues that I would like to spend some time on alongside marketing my company. When I found the free service Yumpu Publishing I realized a large number of my issues with fitting everything I needed to do each day into the short workday was at an end with their simple PDF to flipbook conversion.

The challenge – Convert PDF to flipbook free

One of the major issues I had was trying to convert all my PDFs to flipbook documents, not only do I want my customers to look through my information I want them to pass it on to their friends Online. For me, the tedious nature of uploading and converting my PDF to Flipbook documents with this PDF book creator involved ensuring all the relevant images and links were correct and available took up too much time. Yumpu is a free service that freed me from completing these tasks with the use of just a few clicks to register for the free service and upload and convert PDF to flipbook free.

Once I had uploaded the relevant PDFs for my marketing campaign I sat back and let Yumpu Publishing do all the work, from optimizing my images and keywords for maximum search engine results to allowing links to be embedded on social media and email applications. All I now need to do is let Yumpu Publishing convert my PDF to flipbook by clicking on the relevant conversion choice at and let this awesome, free service do all the work for me. All that is left for me to do is check my email for the message telling me the PDF to flipbook conversion and publishing of my document is complete and concentrate on running the marketing campaign for my business.

These Flipbooks are ranking in Google

For most businesses, including mine, the major source of fear surrounding my marketing campaigns is that they will see my ranking slide during Google searches. Everybody knows that when you create a marketing campaign the ranking Google provides can make or break a business strategy. When I expanded my campaigns to include magazine production the simple tools available from Yumpu Publishing made this simple and included SEO optimization. I have also added video and audio to my documents to improve the quality of information given to my customers through the convert PDF to flipbook free.

In the twenty-first-century social media can make or break any marketing campaign, I have seen both the good and bad of my attempts at Internet marketing. After joining the platform for free I have seen a large increase in my marketing campaigns that have gone viral, not only can I embed my flipbook into my own website I can place it directly onto a social media page and let my customers help me spread the word about my business.

Low pressure and unrivaled Support

One of the major attractions I had towards the services offered by Yumpu Publishing was the low-pressure and unrivaled support I received from the service. Once I began uploading my documents I found I could do so much more, including adding my own logo and personalizing the finished product to match the professional image I was looking to portray both Online and at my physical location. Unlike a number of other services I looked at the flipbooks I have produced are not simply targeted to desktop or mobile users, instead, the integration across these platforms opens up my business to users of almost every device around the world.

With reports on the number of views, a document has had also provided I have been able to look back at my marketing strategies and see which appeal to my customers and which have been less successful. With just a few clicks the success of my business does not now simply depend on me spending hours Online in the hope my campaign goes viral, my documents are passed to the digital newsstand with more than 20 million publications and millions of readers from around the world.

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