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How to create an flipable Interactive PDF

In the complex world of multimedia publication options and possibilities, the PDF file format offers a multi-dimensional platform for constituting files in a manner that securely delivers concepts and ideas to the subject. Creating an interactive PDF with is free and easy.

The interactive PDF file forms transmit in the electronic and built-in applications are outstanding examples. I have personally created numerous publications such as catalogs, brochures, resumes and flyer’s in the PDF form from my iPad, and the results are amazing especially because of the platform that I use is also available on-line.

About interactive PDF Files

Most publication, design and word processing applications such as Photoshop, Mircosoft Word and catalog publishers allow you to work or convert the file to PDF file forms. The interactive PDF can support interactive plug-ins and media forms such as Flash player compatible videos, action buttons and audios. The other interactive PDF forms that can be created and supported on-line include application forms, writing proforma, and fill-up forms and students worksheets all of which are also supported off-line.

The interactive PDF or convertible multimedia file system incorporates a number of media units into the PDF form; enabling users to co-relate with those media. Users can comment and manipulate the PDF file settings without having to be on-line because of the built in interactive nature of the files. Initially it was difficult for me to settle on a particular platform that provides the ultimate solution in all things PDF.

I’ve discovered an awesome free online solution

However, after discovering, the text-broadcasting and manipulation possibilities become a reality. Yumpu provides a FREE, fast and most efficient platform for publishing static PDF files.

There are numerous interactive activities that can be executed using The procedures of uploading your files are simple and well explained. You simply click on the upload your file button and then select the file or publication from the storage location. The publication will be uploaded in no time then made available to millions of readers and clients for free.

The end user possibilities provided by the interactive PDF file forms are numerous, aside from reading and generating interactive multimedia PDF files, the business of working around this interactive environment is downright fun. One creative possibility of working with the interactive PDF is the ability to create a multimedia prose form. This form enables the execution of actions on data files that contain images, sounds and hyperlinks among other media definitions.

20 Million Interactive PDF Magazines

I recommend yumpu simply because, their services are unmatched and the reach is remarkably wide. Specifically, yumpu provides an on-line platform for publishing digital publications, including interactive PDF file. The yumpu dimension enhances easy access and readability of publications such as brochures, magazines, flyer’s and catalogs on-line.

The digital newsstand platform provided at yumpu covers over 20 million magazines with corresponding millions of devoted readers, some of the publications titles available include arts, fashion, culture and hyper-local contents, that have been made accessible on any electronic computing device. For more information, visit us at

The yumpu software will make your publication available on-line by simply uploading a simple PDF file. The publication is availed on-line in a beautiful digital reader FOR FREE using cloud, which is custom designed to enhance clear and timeless elegance of quality publication.

Yumpu Features and possibilities include:

• Supports all devices, including mobile and desktop gadgets
• Fully integrated with all major social networks, ensuring quicker and wider publication broadcast
• Embed Video and Audio into publications
• Optimized for search engines like Google
• Unmatched support
• Link to shop from your publication
• Customize the look and feel of your publication. Incorporate logos, change the background, colors, and much more.
• Embed your favorite platform or applications such as website, Facebook, and on-line shop

My summary:

Uploading your interactive PDF files has just moved a step closer; you now have a platform to interact with your students and clients using many possibilities. Yumpu is growing in leaps and bounds, thereby enabling it to attract millions of clients and readers. It is the only on-line platform that will put publications in the hands of millions avid readers all across a wide population spectrum. The customer service desk at yumpu is focused and ready to answer your questions and commentaries.

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