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PDF Shrink – Create a page flipping PDF with little effort


I was having the hardest time getting my catalog out into the world. It was a pain trying to get it to everyone! PDF shrinks, although small, take up so much space! But then I found Yumpu Publishing! Not only was it easy to convert my PDF shrink to an ePaper, but I also had so many options on how to share it. Within minutes (and I mean minutes) my catalog was up and ready to read. It looked amazing too! To top it all off, you won’t believe how much it cost me. Absolutely nothing! It was free! I got to make my own magazine with unlimited pages, post it to whatever social media I wanted, and it cost me nothing out of pocket! All thanks to Yumpu Publishing. If you are looking for a flip pdf professional tool, don’t look any further.

Here’s my ‘Shrink PDF’ story

I was trying to make a catalog for my business. I tried using other sites like MagCloud for my PDF shrink and it was really confusing. Also, I learned at the end that it would cost me to share it! I wanted to post it to my business’ website but I would have to go through a bunch of complicated and annoying steps to do it. I couldn’t even figure out how to post it to my Facebook account! What good is that?!

The solution – PDF was shrunk in only 2 minutes!

But after a bit of research, I found In less than two minutes I knew everything I had to do to make my catalog. It only took me four steps to go from a PDF shrink to a working usable ePaper! While I waited extracted the links, text data, and images from my PDF shrink so that my finished product was optimized for full-text searches on popular search engines! After that, it was literally a click of a button to not only put it on Facebook but Google+ and Twitter as well! Even Pinterest! It was really easy to embed it on to my website as well! The moment I posted it on Facebook, my catalog went crazy!

PDFs available on a mobile device a desktop’s

It’s like everyone saw it! Not to mention, Yumpu Publishing is supported over all devices, so you can search any ePaper you want via your mobile device or your desktop computer. It’s as easy as four steps. That’s all that separated me from having the magazine of my dreams. I watched a video on YouTube that was less than two minutes long and it told me everything I needed to know. takes your PDF shrink and places it on the cloud, so that anyone can view it at any time, making your work timeless. They offer over 20 million magazines and millions of readers! You can upload anything you want! They have articles in fashion, culture, arts, and hyperlocal content. is the only website that can take an average PDF shrink and turn it into a beautiful publication that millions of avid readers can enjoy. There is nothing you can’t do with your document when you use

Unique look and many cool features

Customize the look and feel to attract more views, embed video and audio into your publications to make them unique. It is so easy to make a professional-looking document of any kind. I don’t need to hire an expensive designer I have to pay by the hour. All I need is and I can make them myself! And if I ever did get stuck trying something, or if I even had just a question, I could contact their unmatched support team. offers high-end search engine optimization (SEO) for your publication. This will make sure that your print is at the top of every Google search. And every week sends you a report detailing how many times your article was read, how long people stayed on your page, and what your heart rank is. That’s valuable information and it’s absolutely free!

My summary

So if you want to use the most popular web app to create a professional ePaper, all from your PDF shrink and in as few steps as possible, then you have to use There is no better site! Yumpu Publishing is the only site that will make such quality items absolutely free. It is the best way to promote your work. I used it and I’ll never use another site again.

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