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PDF Compress – Learn how to compress a PDF file easily and for free


I recently tried to create a brochure. It was hard work. Aligning all of the text and the images so that they looked appealing and drew attention to the information that I wanted people to see. I expected the design side to be hard, but I did not expect the next part to be so difficult. But thanks to Yumpu Publishing, compressing my PDF was easy and FREE! I found that it was very difficult to display this brochure that I had spent so much time on in a way that people could easily view it online. I was able to hand them out physically, but who in this day and age still looks at physical brochures? I needed this to be viewed online, on my website, and also on Facebook. I wanted it to be able to be virtually shared, and I was really hoping that if it was shared enough my business would boom. It can be very difficult to find a way to view a brochure or even a magazine online in a way that feels natural. You need a pdf compress solution that will be viewable on any platform.

Compressing a PDF – I was frustrated until…

After quite a bit of research online, and trying several different things I determined that Yumpu Publishing was the best option for displaying a publication online. One of the best things about the software is that it is a pdf compress with a digital viewer that is completely free. Yumpu’s technology allows it to use its pdf compression abilities to allow the same publication to be viewed on a phone, tablet, and computer and look great on each.

PDF is optimized for Search Engines and for Readers

The share-ability of Yumpu publications is tremendous. They can be shared via any social media website. They can also be embedded in websites or blogs. They are designed and optimized for Google search engine. All of this means that if your publication is placed on the internet using the Yumpu pdf compress that it will be easy to get it into the hands of the people that you want to have it. If it is a brochure or a flyer type publication it can easily be shared and found on the internet. If you have designed it well then it might go viral, and much of your marketing may be done for you. That is the beauty of using an internet platform. Yumpu, using its compressed pdf technology, will allow you to focus on the design and dissemination of your publication. The Yumpu website is easy to use. Simply upload your publication and it can then be easily accessed from any computer with internet access at any time. The fact that your publication will be stored in the cloud will allow you to rest at ease knowing that hardware failure on your end will not result in a loss of the publication.

Your own branded publications

You will also be able to customize the look and feel of your publication, with logos and color schemes. The simplicity of the pdf compress software is what makes this solution elegant and user friendly. The advanced nature of the pdf compress software is what makes this solution powerful and strong.

My conclusion

Yumpu Publishing satisfied all of my needs in publishing my brochure online. I was able to upload it to my website and embed it in my blog. I shared it on Facebook and pretty soon thousands of people had seen it. It was more than I possibly could have imagined, and it worked better than I ever thought a pdf compress solution would work. I also was able to execute a PDF shrink, which really helped with disk space. Yumpu Publishing’s ease of use and powerful features make it the best option for online publication. This platform allows you to focus on what is important, the content and design, instead of the logistics of online publication. I

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