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Transfer your PDF to iPhone: Free service! is a free ePaper releasing webservice that turns any PDF document in to an online journal that’s really user friendly to examine and flip through. It is the easiest way to transfer a PDF to iPhone. It’s an all in one support that provides not only file uploading, but a very fast way to transfer PDF’s to iPhone.

All transformed magazines are obtained via the internet and could be kept in the cloud. After converted, you’re able to read it on the web and flip through it just like you are dealing with an actual magazine. It operates even better if you’re employing a contact-run graphics tablet or notebook computer.

A fast and easy way to transfer PDF’s to iPhone:

You’ll need to file an account on its web site, to start out using its support. Of course, the enrollment is totally free without any cord attached. After filed and activated, you can begin your first on-the-web magazine by uploading your initial PDF file you’ve got on your own computer. You can even transfer your completed PDF to iPhone. You can preferentially drag and drop the file to the Add your PDF here carton or choose it by clicking Search icon.

Here are step by step directions about how to get your PDF observed:

  1. Sign up at Sign up is straightforward using either your email or your Facebook, Twitter or Google account.
  2. Just browse to the PDF-FILE and press add. Still, you can paste the URL of your PDF at the same time. Yumpu will transform your PDF and deliver you an e-mail when it’s prepared.
  3. Incorporated buttons let Pinterest and your document to be shared by readers on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google.
  4. Use code to be created by the Embed Code Wizard and embed your record on your web site. Just copy and paste.

The procedure begins automatically, but might have a bit time to complete, dependent on the network and also the dimensions of the PDF doc. The rendering and transforming procedure will begin right after.

After the procedure is completed, it is possible to review and change the account of the file you uploaded, including the name of the doc, classification, tags, as well as Google Analytics Code. This code can not only tell you the amount of visitors, but how many times the PDF to iPhone process has occurred.

Social Sharing included:

Yumpu enables users to efficiently convert PDF docs to e paper and save them online at no cost. Yumpu’s Astounding Societal Media integrations permits readers to share files via Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Google , and Pinterest, all with the push of a button. Readers can easily add docs for their favorites, discuss via networking, and contribute to future publications. Yumpu’s suitable uploading converts PDF documents while extracting key words and optimizing for search engines like Google and able to transfer the results in PDF to iPhones. is the world’s most famous internet app for changing PDF documents to e-paper. Uploading files is simple, quick and free. Yumpu is the greatest method to convert your files while optimizing them for simple hunting. Join the e-paper revolution. Get your records into the cloud and off your hosts, or even sent you PDF’s to iPhones. Enable the world to see, like, and share your files. Convert your PDF files for free and economically and fast share your records with the world.

Uploaded files make the perfect utilization of Search Engine Marketing (Search Engine Optimization) therefore your record are available by your planned readers.

Yumpu unites shares and likes on social media to provide you with a clear image of the answer for your record. The report card allows you understand just how many shares, viewers and subscriptions you have gotten, including feedback and standing.

Yumpu’s social media integration enables sharing on all leading social networks, as well as embed your records on their site and permits readers to share and reproduce by e-mail. rapidly and readily converts PDF files to e-paper unlike any other service. Throughout the conversion procedure, Yumpu extracts text, links, information, pictures and key words to optimize your file for search engines.

My conclusion:

Try it out now for free at and see yourself how simple it’s to change your PDFs to electronic paper and transfer your PDFs to iPhone users with Yumpu!

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