DeskPDF Offers Efficient PDF Creation Alternative to Acrobat
Adobe Acrobat’s Portable Document Format, or PDF, came into being over twenty years ago when Adobe co-founder John Warnock sought to help the world transition from paper documents to digital ones. Since then, PDF became the worldwide standard format for the distribution of electronic forms and documents, with added benefits like support for digital signatures.The PDF offers a number of important advantages to anyone creating documents. The format natively retains all the properties of all the content included in a file. Fonts, pictures, graphs, and layouts appear in a PDF exactly as they do in their source file. PDFs may be shared easily, and thanks to Adobe making their Reader software freely available on multiple platforms, including smartphones and tablets, people can view a PDF virtually anywhere.

This week we’ll see how to get the benefits of PDF without spending a fortune.

Creating PDFs can be costly, depending on the software one chooses for the task. Adobe Acrobat requires an investment of at least $299 for the standard desktop version, or committing to an annual subscription. Those who work extensively with PDFs probably need to make the investment in Acrobat.

Not every business creates new PDFs every single day. Your PDF needs may be to fulfill a weekly or even monthly need for those files. There is good news – you can save a substantial amount of money by using document conversion software.

One such product is deskPDF Creator X from Docudesk. This program allows you to create a PDF from any file. The creation process presents easy options for the user. One can drag and drop a file onto Creator X to make that a PDF. Creator X also offers integration with Microsoft Word, which lets proficient users of that program create PDFs within Word.

DeskPDF Creator X also enjoys print to PDF functionality. A feature of the program installs it like it is a Windows printer driver. By choosing Creator X when printing a file, the program outputs the file as a PDF.

Continued improvements by Docudesk have refined the PDF generation process greatly for users of Creator X. The company developed a newer and faster PDF creation engine, to allow for making high quality PDFs suitable for sharing in whatever manner the user desires.

The company also developed a PDF preview function, fulfilling demand for a hotly desired feature. Users enjoy access to a preview window showing the output file before creating the final PDF. This gives you the opportunity to return to the source file and make any necessary changes that the preview window shows you are needed.

Remember Acrobat’s price tag? PDF Creator X lists for $34.95 at Docudesk’s website, The company offers a free trial of the software, and a 90 day money back guarantee as an added measure of satisfaction for purchasers.

People who want something between PDF Creator X and Acrobat’s high-end feature set may find Docudesk’s PDF Studio X a welcome compromise. Listing at $79.95, Studio X performs Creator X’s functions while adding several more, like inline text and image editing, and support for 256 bit banking level encryption with password protection.

For environments running remote desktop services, please note Docudesk produces Terminal Services & Citrix products to support PDF creators in those userbases. These versions are compliant with Microsoft operating systems as well as Citrix / Xenapp. Additional details are available from Docudesk at