From the people that brought you “Evil Dead! The Musical” and “BOOMSTICK! A Musical Parody of Darkness”

You know the scene:

In the dark of night, a psychopath creatively and systematically chases and murders a group of attractive teenagers who, in their terrified states, continuously make poor decisions and tempt and taunt the killer, unleashing the killer’s repressed psychosexual anger. The Slasher genre: low-brow entertainment that is perfect for a hot date night.

For Cassie Hack, there is no popcorn and holding on to your date. Cassie’s mother is the infamous slasher called “the Lunch Lady.” Along with her monstrous partner Vlad, Cassie has made it her mission to hunt down and destroy slashers wherever they may be and in whatever form they take. But nothing has been more terrifying than Cassie’s latest challenge: a live audience.

Created by Tim Seeley and published by Devil’s Due Publishing (GIJoe, Voltron), Hack/Slash is one of the scariest horror comic books known. Now come to life, Hack/Slash has burst onto the stage in a unique and frightening experience guaranteed to make you scream. This one-of-a-kind live performance is packed full of sex, violence, FX, and bikini-clad coeds.

Settle down with a bucket of popcorn and a hot date, and get ready to be scared!