This Issuu Alternative is just great

This Issuu Alternative is just great

Issuu Alternative

Unwilling to give up, I persevered and kept on searching for an Issuu Alternative. I was determined to find a publishing website that would allow me to use their services completely free of charge and not just on a trial basis, either. I am glad I persisted because I found

I was looking for a way to make sure that I got the best alternative to Issuu. I wanted something that was going to unlock new possibilities, but I had no idea where to look. However, I found that I could make major changes to all my documents when I was creating new eBooks and HTML5 flipbooks.

I wanted to make sure that all my documents looked their best, and I knew that this service was the way to go. It brings you all the advantages of the eBook platform in one place. You might not know it can do for you, but it can do everything.

The site loaded in my browser in a split second. Right on the front page, I found the option to upload my PDF document onto their platform. Within minutes, my document was displaying in an enhanced HTML5 digital reader. I was also pleased to see that I could add my own personal customizations to my content like videos or audio files. I used the issuu alternative Yumpu’s interactive features to insert links, added my business logo and gave my catalog a double-sided reading presentation.

Once I was done making sure my catalog was just right, I went onto Facebook and embedded it on my profile page and encouraged my friends to share. I embedded the catalog on my blog as well as my business website that I designed using WordPress.

Price Comparison Table

Feature minimum required plan (monthly payments) minimum required plan
Magazine Publishing Unlimited Free Unlimited Free
Embed Magazines Free Free
Password protection Not possible 8€ / month
Advanced Statistics 39$ / month 8€ / month
Use own branding 39$ / month 8€ / month
Remove Ads 29 $ / month 8€ / month
Use multimedia content (Audio, Video, etc.) Not possible Free
Connection with Dropbox Not possible Free
Own online Kiosk with own design and domain Not possible 78€ / month
Own native iOS App with your magazines Not possible 178€ / month

Go Viral with this Issuu Alternative

growArrowThe Issuu Alternative has made my dream come true. My clothing catalogs have gone viral, and I have more business than I know how to handle. Every day, my website tracking tools show that I have a steady stream of visitors, and my search engine is steadily climbing. Because of it’s impeccable features, I can continue to increase my brand’s awareness and maximize my profit potential and I can track my success in Google Analytics.

When my business operation was in its stage of infancy, things were rocky at best. I had to get my hands on a good camera to take pictures of my finished products as my cell phone would not do. I also needed to obtain a better computer as mine was on its last leg. In addition, I wanted a professional grade sewing machine in order to churn out many outfits quickly.

Fortunately, several of my friends helped make this possible by putting their funds together. Quite frankly, I had nothing to give because our savings was spent catching up on the medical bills and caring for our monthly and daily expenses. Without the help of my friends, my dream would not have come true.

Creating my first business catalog

Upon arrival of all of the necessities to run my business, I wasted no time in putting everything in motion. I made five different colored dresses with various patterns, two lacy nightgowns, some baby doll clothing, baby booties, gloves, hats, scarves, shawls, three pairs of shorts of varying colors and sizes and seven sweaters. I figured that was enough to get my first clothing catalog going.

Example catalog

Subsequent to the completion of these articles of clothing, I took pictures with the high tech digital camera and uploaded them into my brand, spanking new computer. Once all of my photos were uploaded, I formatted them into a catalog using the PDF document format as this is the most universally used. Now, I just needed to get the catalog online so people could find it and order from me.

The best Issuu alternative

I looked into a number of Issuu Alternative that would enable my catalog to be embedded into any social network or web based platform. Many of these technologies did not seem to be worth my time because they did not possess the correct tools needed for properly designing and formatting catalogs. I did find, and this publishing site seemed to be the best one at first glance but knew, that I needed to look into an alternative, because presented some problems.


Three major problems that prevented me from completely settling with this publishing platform as a solution was that my content loaded slowly, could not be shared as easily as I would have liked and carried a steeper price tag than I could afford. So I needed a Issuu Alternative fast and for free. Good that exists.

When you are looking through the functions below, you need to remember that no Issuu alternatives are going to do what Yumpu does. You have been through many alternatives Issuu like me, but you need to know that this service does everything without your help. When you are not inclined to do coding or indexing, the platform does it for you. This is the best of the alternatives Issuu options.

Benefits of using Yumpu:

  • Supports all devices. Mobile and desktop.
  • Optimized for search engines like Google.
  • Embed it on your favorite platform (website, facebook, online shop)
  • Fully integrated with all major social networks, publications will spread like wildfire.
  • Embed Video and Audio into publications
  • Link to shop from your publication
  • Unmatched support

The Formatting

farbPaletteWhen you go to this service as your alternatives Issuu option, you will notice that you do not have to do any formatting on your own. You get to put your documents in the system, and Yumpu formats them for you. You must remember that your PDFs are just the beginning of your endeavors. Your documents can be uploaded to the system at any time, and you decide how they will be incorporated into your documents. You may not know what to do with your documents, but the service will give you the alternatives Issuu option that is going to show you a format that works.

You can put your documents into the system, and it will show you a format that will work for you. You get to decide what format you want to use, and you can create everything from a book to a magazine. It will allow you to create a presentation, or it will allow you to create something that looks more like a children’s book.

The formatting options allow you to move around your items without doing any coding on your own. Yumpu works with you to make sure that your documents are fitting into the format that you have chosen.

The Hotspot Editor – Videos, Links, Audio files

You have all these ideas that go along with your PDFs. The PDFs cannot carry audio or video files. You have to put these items in manually, but you can ask Yumpu to put these items in the document alone. The audio files you have will play when people are reading your document, and the video files will play when people turn the page. You do not need to bank the files somewhere else, and you do not need to worry about how you are going to make the files play. Yumpu is the only Issuu alternative that will help you put in these files without forcing you to do any formatting.


This is the Hotspot Editor

You tell the service where you want the documents to go, and it puts the documents in without any hassle. Also, you can tell the program when you want the files to play. The files will play when people turn the page, or the files will play when people click on the play button after they turn the page.

Sharing Your Documents

The sharing function in Yumpu is the only alternatives Issuu option that will allow you click the share button for a number of social media options. Anyone who wants to share your document can do so with one click, and you can do the same once you get the document done.


When you are sharing with the platform, you need to make sure that you understand how easy it is to use. You know that you can share your documents, but the platform is the only alternatives Issuu option that will allow people to read your document on nearly every social media platform. When you want to make a document that everyone can read, you need to use this service to make sure that everyone can open the document.

People will get frustrated with you if they can never read your documents in the place where they find them. When you use the platform, you will be able to make your documents easy to read the world over. Also, you will be to make sure that people can interact with the document as intended. You can put your contact information in the document, and you can make it easy for people to quote parts of the document when they want to share it.

The Traffic

ampelYou are using these magazines or books to increase the readership on your website. People are twice as likely to read on your website when they are reading items from Yumpu. It does something amazing that allows you to be found on all the search engines in the world. When you put your documents in this service, it indexes all the documents for you.

When you are indexed on a search engine, people can find your documents easily. They will search for the kind of information that you offer, and you will be found easily online. People can help you increase your readership by clicking on the links for your documents, and they will increase your search engine rankings. The indexing that this tool does makes your website more popular, and you will be able to raise your profile just by using the Yumpu platform.

You are 12 times more likely to increase your readership with this system, and you get to make sure that you are as popular as possible. It gives you the indexing and tagging necessary to make your website more popular. If you are using Yumpu, you are using a program that does all the tagging for you. You do not need to understand tags, and you do not need to have a working knowledge of the inner workings of the Internet.

When you are planning on making documents online, you need to make sure you use this service. It is the only alternative online that is going to help you make your PDFs into better documents. The service allows you to create interactive documents that people will enjoy reading. Yumpu allows you to create items that people will enjoy reading, and you will not have to worry about doing any of the work on your own. It is programmed to handle all your needs for you.

Also, this is the only platform in the world that is completely free. It helps you make sure that you are creating items that are not going to break the bank. You will be able to afford this free service, and it does all the work for you. You do not lift a finger, and it creates something that looks truly wonderful. Your options for the platform change the way that people will read and perceive your works. You get to create works that people can read anywhere, and you get to create works that do not take too much time. You will invest your time in something that creates a book or magazine that is truly lovely.

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