HTML5 PDF viewer

I had used an HTML5 PDF viewer and was having issues with it loading and being visible on anything other than a desktop computer. This is when I found and created a free and easy ePaper for my many website needs. I was getting sick and tired of having issues with my PDF files.

I had uploaded several of them to my site, and many of my readers were complaining about the loading times as well as the fact that it couldn’t be viewed in any other platform other than their home computers or laptops. I have a lot of readers who like to visit my site from smartphones and tablets, so this was something that I knew was going to create a problem.

Example of the Yumpu HTML5 PDF viewer

Some of my fellow blogging friends had been using the Yumpu HTML5 PDF viewer on their site for awhile, and I was noticing that it was getting a lot more views and use than all of my PDF files combined.

Why ePaper and HTML5 PDF viewer is the Way to Go

Going with an ePaper has truly saved my entire site and the many readers I get on a daily basis. I was using PDF files for awhile, and I was having many issues with loading times and the fact that I couldn’t even embed a simple link into them. It was frustrating to have to create different files specific for links, rather than being able to add them straight to the file where they should have been.

Using the HTML5 PDF viewer to view my PDFs was a great way to transform my entire site for the better. Using the ePaper has allowed me the chance to embed all of my different links and videos into the file to be easily viewed. I’m also finding that my ePaper gets more than two times the views as any of my older PDF files.

The ePaper can also be shared on all of my social media sites, and it is found easily and quickly through Google searches. The HTML5 PDF viewer is easy to put onto my site where and when I want it. This helps me to create and add an ePaper to just about any blog post that I create. It also gives a more natural reading approach as opposed to the traditional PDF file. The loading times for the ePaper are also a lot less than going with the PDF file for my site.
Using Yumpu to Create an ePaper is the largest ePaper solution worldwide. With more than 19 million publications since 2006, this is even more than the world’s largest library! I chose to use Yumpu and its services to create an ePaper for my site because of the great reviews that it was getting from my friends and fellow bloggers.

I was finding that it was very easy to create an ePaper and have it customized fully without having to pay anything for it. The entire process probably took me just a few minutes, and I was then able to embed the file right onto my site for easy viewing. Many of my fans have already been raving about the new ePaper on my site, and it’s allowed me to get more views to my site than I had ever imagined.

There are a lot of ways for a person to spruce up their site and make it more appealing to the public, but I am finding that going with an ePaper and getting rid of all of those old PDF files is truly the way for you to go. It allows you to go with more of a natural reading approach, and all of your visitors are truly going to appreciate this and enjoy it for themselves.

I have already gotten rid of all of my older PDF files and have transformed them into ePapers. It’s been one of the best decisions to use this HTML5 PDF viewer thus far, and the feedback I’m getting is letting me know that I did make the right decision.

For anyone who would like to be able to change the way that their site functions, using an ePaper is really a great option. Not only do PDF files have issues with loading times, but they can also be an annoyance for your readers to have to download all the time.

This is something that many individuals look for when visiting sites, and they will not want to read from a file that they are having issues downloading to their computer. If your readers happen to be using a smartphone, they may have issues altogether with downloading the PDF file to their phone.

Using Yumpu is a quick, free and simple way for you to create a beautiful ePaper for your site. You can put videos, pictures, links and other data into the paper without having to create a different file for these things. You will also notice that your brand new ePaper gets more views than your older PDF files, and Yumpu makes it very easy for you to create an ePaper even if you have never done this type of work for your site before in the past for it. You’ll never search for any other HTML5 PDF viewer again!

Hi, I'm Daniel Moore! I'm a entrepreneurial, detail-oriented developer with a strong background in websites, business startups, marketing and design solutions. For the past 10 years I’ve been studying the PDF format and it seemed a natural progression into a “helping” profession.


  1. My friends pushed me into launching a food blog and I also want to have a monthly magazine with my best recipes, cooking tips and other related content. I opted between Issuu and Yumpu and decided to go along with the last option because I liked the layout and designing options more.

  2. One of Yumpu’s features I like best is the ability to share my e-Paper on facebook. The hotspoteditor makes it super easy to add links or to embed videos making each page highly customizable. I’m on the adFREE plan because I wanted access to features like Google analytics, page teasers and the option to download the magazine. One thing I didn’t like is how they structured their plans; it was rather confusing at first trying to figure out what I need.

  3. What I like most about this program is, that you can turn the pages like in a real paper magazine. It’s so much fun!

  4. I have the option to show the download PDF button turned on, but I don’t see it. I’ve tried both the flash and HTML5 embed. Any clue what’s happening here? Can you maybe help me out Daniel?

  5. Hi Daniel,
    Is there a quick “home” widget that I can add to every page to allow my magazine viewer to go back to the Table of Contents easily? I would love to be able to do this without having to add a link to every page. Any tips are welcome, as I don’t often create magazines. This is really a portfolio. Thank you.

    • Hello,
      you can add this link to the original PDF and yumpu will extract it when the magazine is created.
      Another way to do this is by using the hotspot export/import feature. Just add the desired link to one page and export the CSV/Excel file. If you open the file, you will see your link hotspot there. Copy and paste this link multiple times in the CSV file and edit the page number of each entry. Then save the file and import it back to your magazine.

  6. Daniel, do you know if features like HTML and widgets (in-magazine charts, polls, ratings scale, chatboxes, etc) going to be a part of yumpu? Or are they already in existence and I missed it?
    I would like to get really interactive with my readers and feel that the lack of interactive content that can be accomplished via external html and internal widgets is really hindering that process.

    • Hello Peter, unfortunately I don’t know. Just contact the Yumpu support team. I am sure they can help you.

  7. The loading time is the exact same reason I had to switch from PDF to an online magazine, the server couldn’t take it anymore and the load time was a mess. Now I regret not doing this sooner, the magazine looks a lot better like this and a big plus is the fact that the visitors get to stay on my site to read it, I don’t have to redirect them to the main site.

  8. For everyone who wants to produce a simple and incredibly good looking magazine – yumpu is the way to go. My clients are happy.

  9. The moment I wanted to create a flash magazine I signed up for Yumpu and I have nothing to complain about. The load time is terrific, the design is spot on – take in consideration that I have a design blog so I don’t settle for anything less than great work – and their support system should be a standard in the online medium.

  10. I happened to browse an e-magazine on another blog and suddenly decided I wanted to do something similar and checked the price. I think I had three or four looks just to make sure they have a free plan, I just didn’t believe it! Yeah, the ads are a bit annoying but I’m planning to upgrade to the next plan in the following months anyhow. Their PDF converter works way better than expected, I had my magazine ready in less than 2 minutes.