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Issuu Alternative – This is the best alternative you must know

Unwilling to give up, I persevered and kept on searching for an Issuu Alternative. I was determined to find a publishing website that would allow me to use their services completely free of charge and not just on a trial basis, either. I am glad I persisted because I found Yumpu Publishing.

I was looking for a way to make sure that I got the best alternative to Issuu. I wanted something that was going to unlock new possibilities, but I had no idea where to look. However, I found that I could make major changes to all my documents when I was creating new eBooks and HTML5 flipbooks.

I wanted to make sure that all my documents looked their best, and I knew that this service was the way to go. It brings you all the advantages of the eBook platform in one place. You might not know what it can do for you, but it can do everything.

The site loaded in my browser in a split second. Right on the front page, I found the option to upload my PDF document onto their platform. Within minutes, my document was displayed in an enhanced HTML5 digital reader. I was also pleased to see that I could add my own personal customizations to my content like videos or audio files. I used the issuu alternative Yumpu’s interactive features to insert links, added my business logo, and gave my catalog a double-sided reading presentation.

Once I was done making sure my catalog was just right, I went onto Facebook and embedded it on my profile page and encouraged my friends to share. I embedded the catalog on my blog as well as my business website that I designed using WordPress.

Price Comparison Table minimum required plan (monthly payments)Yumpu Publishing minimum required plan
Magazine PublishingUnlimited FreeUnlimited Free
Embed Magazines30$ / monthFree
Password protectionNot possible14,95€ / month
Advanced Statistics39$ / month14,95€ / month
Use own branding39$ / month14,95€ / month
Remove Ads29 $ / month14,95€ / month
Use multimedia content (Audio, Video, etc.)Not possibleFree
Connection with DropboxNot possibleFree
Own online Kiosk with own design and domainNot possible78€ / month
Own native iOS App with your magazinesNot possible178€ / month

Go Viral with this Issuu Alternative

The Issuu Alternative Yumpu Publishing has made my dream come true. My clothing catalogs have gone viral, and I have more business than I know how to handle. Every day, my website tracking tools show that I have a steady stream of visitors, and my search engine is steadily climbing. Because of its impeccable features, I can continue to increase my brand’s awareness and maximize my profit potential and I can track my success in Google Analytics.

When my business operation was in its stage of infancy, things were rocky at best. I had to get my hands on a good camera to take pictures of my finished products as my cell phone would not do. I also needed to obtain a better computer as mine was on its last leg. In addition, I wanted a professional-grade sewing machine in order to churn out many outfits quickly.

Fortunately, several of my friends helped make this possible by putting their funds together. Quite frankly, I had nothing to give because our savings were spent catching up on the medical bills and caring for our monthly and daily expenses. Without the help of my friends, my dream would not have come true.

Creating my first business catalog

Upon the arrival of all of the necessities to run my business, I wasted no time in putting everything in motion. I made five different colored dresses with various patterns, two lacy nightgowns, some baby doll clothing, baby booties, gloves, hats, scarves, shawls, three pairs of shorts of varying colors and sizes, and seven sweaters. I figured that was enough to get my first clothing catalog going.

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