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PDF Compression is easily available online


A PDF document is the most widely recognized for business use and legal use. The reason is often due to the way the format can include different fonts, graphics, and images. One thing to keep in mind with any document that is saved as a PDF is the size of the file. This means an option is necessary to reduce the size of the file. The best FREE option I have found is the PDF compression provided by

The problem with uncompressed PDF files

Many times a large document is not suitable as an attachment for an email message. This is a reason to use an online PDF conversion process that does not affect the quality of the document. There are many problems that can occur when sending a large PDF file though email. Many tablets may use up needed resources just to open the file. A desktop computer may also encounter issues when opening a PDF file that is much larger than normal.

Basic PDF Compression is not enough

A basic PDF conversion process will reduce a standard PDF file by a factor of four or more. Most files that are 20 megabytes or more can often be reduced by 50 percent or more. This means less data needs to be transferred when an email message is being sent. Many businesses still rely on basic email to use for correspondence. Another thing I have found is large email attachments will be stored on the system and can quickly fill up the inbox.

A great free online solution

The need to use PDF compression is important for a business organization and an individual user. This means a solution is needed which will produce the necessary results. One of the best options that offers the best benefits is website. Many people will discover that PDF HTML5 compression helps out at times when extra time is not available. One thing to keep in mind about using a large file is a file often takes more time than anticipated to upload.

A user who takes time to use a PDF compression solution before sending a file will see time savings is easily achieved. One reason I have found to use for my PDF files is there will often not be any errors that often occur with larger files. Any users who find that a large PDF file fails to arrive will often be because of the size. Many companies may have a limit set for the size of file that is saved in a user’s inbox.

PDF can be viewed on iPad and iPhone too!

Users will find the process of uploading a PDF file to is an easy process. A PDF file might be on the hard drive of a desktop computer, on a laptop, an iPad, or another type of mobile device. The PDF compression applied to a document will result in a file that will quickly arrive once it is sent. One thing to remember about large PDF files is they can eat into the data plan of an iPhone or iPad. If a file is too big when it is converted to a PDF, then uploading to the Internet may be impractical. This means another solution will be necessary.

I make sure to use for PDF compression when creating an eBook or catalog. One benefit of this service is being able to view a document in a browser window. This process can often take time to complete if a computer does not have sufficient memory. Another thing to keep in mind is the ability to edit or modify a converted document. This is often not possible with a regular PDF file.

Image Quality after Compression

Many users who have resisted using PDF conversion believe there is a loss of quality. I do not find any problems with the quality of PDF documents compressed using as an online tool. Most of the images on a document will still look the same even though they are no longer high-quality. Review the many features of using this service for personal use or for business purposes.


One of the aspects about PDF compression is finding a balance between quality and size. This means a user will need to determine if the results are suitable. However, I will say the results provided using the website are better than expected.

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